Forensic Polygraph Examinations and Personnel Evaluations for the past 23 years.

Advanced Polygraph Consulting is a Midrand based company that specialises in Forensic Polygraph Examinations (Polygraph Testing) and Personnel Evaluations for the past 23 years.

  We pride our self as being recognised as being a leader in the field of Polygraph Testing.  We work strictly in accordant to International standard as prescribed by the American Polygraph Association.  All Polygraph Tests are done under video recording and meet the minimum requirements of 90 minutes per Polygraph Test.  Mr. Oosthuizen the principle examiner has attended numerous advanced Polygraph courses to keep up to date with the latest techniques and latest Polygraph equipment available internationally.  We are known for a high confession rate and by way of thorough interviewing skills complement investigators and HR to conclude an investigation with the highest success rate.  We provide our services National and Internationally.