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A Polygraph Test can be conducted on prospective employees and inquiries are made in those portions of the applicant’s background, which directly pertain to his suitability for the job being sought.  The only real difference between the Polygraph interview and that conducted by the personnel director in that in the former the applicant knows that the completeness and accuracy of his/her answers will be verified on the Polygraph.

In the Polygraph Test the applicant has full control over the release of information about himself and the job applicant is by far the most knowledgeable person about himself and his work habits. It should be noted that while the Polygraph is very accurate in detecting deception about past and present actions, it can not determine future intentions.


The Polygraph Test as a tool in a criminal investigation is not a substitute for a full investigation and should never be used as a last resort when everything else has failed.  The primary use of the Polygraph Test is to determine if the person in telling the truth or lying.  The primary use of the Polygraph is to aid and resolve conflicting information and to determine truthfulness when credibility is called into question. 

If the person is lying, the purpose of the Polygraph is for the Polygraph Examiner to obtain indications of truth or deception through physiological changes in a person’s body or to get an admission or confession that can be used as evidence for possible legal action.

The issue under investigation will be discussed in detail with the examinee.  Information concerning the examinee's knowledge of the issue will be elicited, as well as the claimed source of that knowledge.  Minor discrepancies between previous statements of the examinee and those made at the time of the interview will be noted. 

The interview will never be conducted in an accusatory manner.  If major discrepancies are uncovered during the interview, the examiner may attempt to resolve those discrepancies before attempting the examination.


Employees who enter positions of trust seldom do so with the intention of betraying that trust.  This type of Polygraph Test has a “wider” scope and focuses on a wider range of possible involvement in unauthorised activities whilst being employed at any company. 

The advantage of this type of screening is that if an employee knows that periodical Polygraph screenings will be conducted on a regular basis it may have a deterring affect – a pro-active measure in deterring employees in getting involved in unauthorised activities.  The employees are aware that they cannot lie to themselves.

A number of relevant issues to be covered during a periodic screening Polygraph Test are set with the input of the management of a company as the risk areas in every company vary.