Forensic Polygraph Examinations and Personnel Evaluations for the past 23 years.


EXAMINER and SOLE DIRECTOR: MR. J.S. OOSTHUIZEN completed his BA Hons Psychology and Criminology degree at the University of Pretoria where after he joined the South African Military Intelligence where he trained and worked as Polygraph Examiner from 1990 to 1996.

He successfully completed his training as a Forensic Psycho-Physiologist at the highly acclaimed Argenbright International Institute of Polygraph (American International Institute of Polygraph), Atlanta Georgia (USA), during 1996.  Mr. Oosthuizen is a full member of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and Southern Africa Polygraph Federation (SAPFED)

At the end of 1996 Mr. Oosthuizen started his own successful company (Advanced Polygraph Consulting) and his client base includes: Standard Bank, Murray & Roberts, WBHO, Esorfranki, Afrisam, Transnet, just to name a few.

Things to look out for when choosing a polygraph Examiner

It is important to know that the minimum standard for a Polygraph Test is 90 minutes.  It would be wise when phoning a Polygraph company to ask them how long does it take for them to conduct a Polygraph Test.  If the answer is 40 minutes or 60 minutes per Polygraph Test just thank them for their time and search for a company that would conduct Polygraph Tests according to International Standards.  If a Polygraph Test is less than 90 minutes it is chart running rather than Polygraph Testing and the result of such an examination is questionable. 


APA Standards of Practice (Updated March 11, 2016)

As per Sec.1.7.9:

A member polygraph examiner shall not conduct more than four diagnostic or three evidentiary examinations (Polygraph Tests) in one day, and no more than five examinations (Polygraph Tests) of any type in one day.

EPPA (Employee Polygraph Protection Act)

As per Sec.2007.(b).(5) Maximum number and minimum duration of a Polygraph Test:

The examiner shall not conduct and complete more than five Polygraph Tests on a calendar day on which the Polygraph Test is given, and shall not conduct any such Polygraph Test for less than a 90-minute duration.

Advanced Polygraph Consulting can proud themselves for adhering to International Standards and professionalism.  We do not compromise quality over quantity!  Always remember a Polygraph Test is as good as the examiner.