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We have conducted over 65,000 polygraph tests, with more than 24 years experience

Criminal Specific Polygraph Testing

This is an incident specific polygraph test where a specific crime was committed. The purpose of the polygraph test is to determine involvement or non-involvement in the crime that was committed.

Polygraph testing is efficient in these types of scenarios as it quickly identifies both the innocent and guilty and can sometimes avoid the necessity for lengthy, expensive and time-consuming investigations.

The primary use of a polygraph test is to determine the involvement of a person in a specific crime or incident. The polygraph test can aid in resolve conflicting information and to assess truthfulness when credibility is called into question. 

The issue under investigation is discussed in detail with the examinee. Information concerning the examinee’s knowledge of the subject will be elicited, as well as the claimed source of that knowledge. Minor discrepancies between previous statements of the examinee and those made at the time of the polygraph test will be noted and might be valuable. The interview will never be conducted in an accusatory manner.

Investigative Polygraph Testing

These polygraph tests are conducted on a regular basis to verify whether or not employees have been involved in any criminal activities within an organisation.

Employees who enter positions of trust seldom do so intending to betray that trust. This polygraph test will focus on a broader range of possible unauthorised activities that employees might be involved with.

Investigative Polygraph Testing on a regular basis will act as pro-active measure in deterring employees in getting involved in unauthorised activities.

Pre-Employment Polygraph Testing

This is a proactive approach towards testing potential candidates for a specific position within a company. A pre-employment polygraph test can expose issues in a person’s personal and employment history that they would normally not be honest or upfront about in an employment interview.

With the costs associated with commercial crime escalating every year, companies can protect a company’s interests before an incident like this occurs, by initiating pre-employment polygraph testing.

A pre-employment polygraph test can expose issues in a person’s personal and employment history that they would normally not be honest or upfront about in an employment interview.

Another reason for a pre-employment polygraph test is that it will also help to root out underlying issues such as abusive use of substances. This can help companies to avoid employing problematic individuals.

While even the most honest person might find the idea of a polygraph test unsettling, in todays environment, pre-employment polygraph testing is becoming something that is accepted by both candidates and employers due to the high rate of commercial crime and corruption.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are scientific methods used to measure an individuals’ mental capabilities and behaviour style and are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude.

The NEO PI-R (Revised NEO Personality Inventory) is utilised during the Psychometric test to examine an applicant’s “Big Five” personality traits (openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism).

Psychometric testing combined with a pre-employment polygraph test can be hugely beneficial insuring the most suitable applicant for the required position and company culture.

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Achieved by our highly qualified, internationally trained Polygraph examiner, with 24 years of experience. All Polygraph Examinations are strictly conducted in accordance with Polygraph procedures and protocols prescribed by the (APA) American Polygraph Association.
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